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380 Jalan Besar, #08-05, ARC 380, S209000

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380 Jalan Besar, #08-05, ARC 380, Singapore 209000

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380 Jalan Besar, #08-05, ARC 380, Singapore 209000

Course Details

WSQ Food Safety & Hygiene Course

Food Safety Course Level 2


(incl. 9% GST)

Program Executive

Doris Chen
+65 8518 5863 

Last Update:

02 July, 2024

Course Objectives

Level 1 of the Food Safety Course covers basic food safety principles for food handlers. As these food handlers level up and take on greater responsibilities in the kitchen, they can upskill by taking up Level 2 of the Food Safety Course, which will equip them with the know-how to conduct food safety checks for their specific work areas.

This program is designed to provide individuals involved in both retail and non-retail food establishments with essential knowledge and skills for adhering to food safety and hygiene protocols. The course emphasizes the importance of understanding the rationale behind these practices to ensure effective implementation and compliance within licensed food premises.

Individuals involved in the selling or preparation of food in establishments licensed by the Singapore Food Agency must complete and pass the Food Safety Course Level 1 (FSC Level 1). To maintain their certification, they must complete a refresher course before the end of the fifth year following their initial certification and every tenth year after passing their most recent refresher training.

The Singapore Food Agency advises food handlers to pursue FSC Level 2 after achieving FSC Level 1, enhancing their ability to perform food safety checks in specific areas. Although FSC Level 1 is a prerequisite, there is no expiration for FSC Level 2. However, if used to meet the refresher requirements, it will adhere to the same renewal schedule as the FSC Level 1 Statement of Attainment.

Course Description

  1. Sources of Food Contamination
  2. Microorganisms associated with Foodborne illnesses
  3. Preventing Food Contamination – 5 Key Hygiene Principles
    – Practice good Personal hygiene
    – Use Safe Ingredients
    – Handle Food Safely
    – Store Food Safely
    – Maintain Cleanliness of equipment and premises
  4. Conduct Food Safety and Hygiene checks

Minimum Entry Requirements

No formal qualification – Participant should have the ability to converse, read and write in English.

Course Duration

1 Day / 7.5 hours


 2 Kallang Avenue, CT Hub #06-30, Singapore 339407

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Upcoming Training Dates

  • 31 July 2024 (09:00am to 05:30pm)
  • 28 August 2024 (09:00am to 05:30pm)

[Singapore Citizens/ PR and LTVP+ Holders aged 21-39 years old]
[Singapore Citizens aged 40 years old and above]
[Singapore Citizens/ PR and LTVP+ Holders]
Funding Source
Funding not applicable for foreigners
SkillsFuture Funding
SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy/ Enhanced Training Support for SMEs
Up to 50% of Courses Fees
Up to 70% of Course Fees
Full Course Fee
(Exclude GST)
Final Amount Payable 
(After any grant applicable, inclusive of 9% GST)

* Singapore Citizens aged 25 and above may offset the payable course fees with SkillsFuture Credit.