2 Jalan Besar, #08-05, ARC 380, S209000


2 Jalan Besar, #08-05, ARC 380, Singapore 209000


2 Jalan Besar, #08-05, ARC 380, Singapore 209000

Course Details

Customer Service Excellence Level 3


(incl. 8% GST)

Program Coordinator

Damien Tay
+65 8587 6692

Last Update:

18 May, 2023

Course Objectives

In this course, learners will enhance their knowledge of their organisation’s products or service offerings and customer profile.

They will also learn how to monitor an individual’s level of service excellence. They will be taught to analyse the level of service performance and then implement corrective actions to close service delivery gaps.

Course Description

  • Identify the types of customers and service environment triggers that may result in potential service challenges.
  • Recognise and cater to the needs and expectations of a diverse range of customers.
  • Describe the qualities and characteristics of a service professional and exhibit the professional image and persona of a service professional.
  • Describe the importance of going the extra mile in service to oneself and the organisation.
  • Apply various methods to exceed customer expectations and create a positive customer experience.
  • Demonstrate effective communication principles when interacting with customers and escalated service issues that have not been resolved.
  • Demonstrate how to escalate feedback on areas of improvement and service challenges through appropriate escalation channels.

Course Duration

2 days / 16 hours

Skill Code


  • 26 & 27 June 2023 (Monday & Tuesday)


Individual/Employer-sponsored [Foreigners]
Individual/Employer-sponsored and self-sponsored [Singapore Citizens and PR aged 39 years old and below]
Individual/Employer-sponsored and self-sponsored [Singapore Citizens and PR aged 40 years old and above]
Funding Source
Funding not applicable for foreigners
SkillsFuture Funding
SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy
Up to 50% of Courses Fees
Up to 70% of Course Fees
Full Course Fee
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