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380 Jalan Besar, #08-05, ARC 380, Singapore 209000

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Human Resources Course

Business Negotiation


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Program Executive

Doris Chen
+65 8518 5863

Last Update:

02 July, 2024

Course Objectives

This Business Negotiation course is meticulously designed to empower participants with essential skills and knowledge for effective business negotiations. Covering a spectrum from identifying and targeting business opportunities, understanding legal frameworks in negotiations, to preparing and executing negotiation plans, the course provides a comprehensive approach. Participants will delve into the intricacies of contract law, develop strategic negotiation techniques, and learn effective communication and conflict resolution methods.

This course is ideal for professionals aiming to enhance their negotiation capabilities, align outcomes with organizational objectives, and adeptly navigate the complex landscape of business negotiations.

Course Description

LO1: Identify objectives and target available business opportunities within the context of negotiations.

  • Understanding the fundamental components that constitute a negotiation, such as mutual interests, bargaining power, and compromise.
  • Key factors that contribute to successful negotiations, including clear communication, understanding stakeholders’ needs, and developing win-win scenarios.
  • Setting specific, measurable, and achievable goals within negotiations that align with broader business strategies.

LO2: Relate to business legislation and regulations relevant to business negotiations.

  • Distinguishing an Invitation to Treat vs an Offer: Differentiating between a general invitation for offers and a definitive offer in the context of contract law.
  • Elements of a Valid Contract: Understanding the essential components of a legally binding contract, such as offer, acceptance, consideration, and mutual consent.
  • Familiarity with the legal framework governing business negotiations, including applicable laws and regulatory requirements.
  • How historical legal decisions influence current negotiation practices and contract formation.

LO3: Prepare a business negotiation meeting plan sufficiently to enable effective business negotiation.

  • Developing skills such as active listening, persuasive communication, and problem-solving.
  • Outlining a systematic approach to prepare for negotiations, including research, setting objectives, and strategy development.
  • Understanding the duties, ethical considerations, and expectations placed upon a negotiator in a business context.

LO4: Develop negotiation strategies and ideas to facilitate effective business negotiations based on the negotiation process and technique.

  • Learning the fundamental rules and ethical guidelines that govern the negotiation process.
  • Creating tailored strategies based on the negotiation context, objectives, and the parties involved.

LO5: Follow-up to ensure business negotiation is effective using communication and conflict resolution techniques and take necessary actions to close negotiation.

  • Techniques for mediating disputes and reaching consensus.
  • Methods to effectively communicate and resolve conflicts during negotiations.
  • Involvement of the Singapore Mediation Centre: The role and services of the Singapore Mediation Centre in facilitating business negotiations.
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR): Exploring various ADR methods like arbitration, mediation, and conciliation.

LO6: Monitor and evaluate outcomes against organisational objectives.

  • Techniques for assessing the effectiveness of negotiations in achieving desired results.
  • Aligning negotiation outcomes with the broader goals and objectives of the organization.
  • Continuously reviewing and adjusting negotiation strategies to meet organizational needs and objectives.

Minimum Entry Requirements

  • Have an understanding of the organisation’s product and service offering.
  • Have an understanding of the organisation’s structure, standard operating procedures and guidelines on a relevant area of work.
  • Be able to listen, read, speak and write English at a proficiency level not lower than the Employability Skills Workforce Skills Qualification Literacy Level 5.

Course Duration

2 days / 16 hours


2 Kallang Avenue, CT Hub #06-30, Singapore 339407

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[Singapore Citizens/ PR and LTVP+ Holders aged 21-39 years old]
[Singapore Citizens aged 40 years old and above]
[Singapore Citizens/ PR and LTVP+ Holders]
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